Anna Tóth

Work experience

2019 - Freelance Creator, Co-founder of Smart Circus (Tarragona, Spain)

  • Self-publishing Peg's Parlor and Cómo lo veo yo
  • Character design and illustrations for the tech writer, Miki Szeles
  • Branding and truck design for Ez nem bukta
  • Illustrations series for Trevor Conway to support his story Gerald Gerald and Sleepy Sue
  • Editorial illustrations for OnlineSOS to support their personal stories campaign
  • CRISP Studio, Mayday and CSI Payment Systems - development of a design system and a monitoring application in ReactJS and Node.js
  • The Alchemist Atelier - website and webshop redesign, creation of web branding guidelines
  • CRISP Studio - development of their portfolio website in ReactJS and Gatsby; avatar illustrations for the employees
  • Blue Link Stories - Editorial illustration for their article “Surrender to Victory”
  • Branding projects: Sicily Bag, Éclat Crew, Tóth Ákos Kertészet, Cseppfotó, Tothem Decor

2016 – 2019 Amazon – Software Engineer (Berlin, Germany)

  • Search engine optimization and feature work on Amazon Giftfinder
  • Lead of the AWS accessibility initiative - development of accessibility testing and reporting tools, accessible component library
  • Development of the AWS design system: building various web components facing different JS frameworks

2016 Epam Systems – Software Engineer

  • Frontend development of a wealth management application in AngularJS

2013 – 2016 Morgan Stanley – Software Engineer and Quantitative Analyst

  • Frontend development of reporting tools in AngularJS and data analysis in Python
  • Full stack development of an orchestration application

2012 – 2013 AVL – Engineer Working Student

  • Development of a testing framework for embedded devices in Matlab and Simulink

2011 Yokogawa – Engineer Intern

  • Data analysis of real-time measurements and controller tuning

2010 – 2012 Budapest University of Technology – Practice Lesson Performer

  • Lectures on applied maths in the field of signal processing and communication systems


2021 - ESDIP Madrid

  • 2D Animation Bachelor
  • Children's illustration course with José Fragoso

2020 – 2021 Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona - Motion Design, MA

2019 – 2020 Workshops

  • Collage Workshop with Jorge Chamorro, Riso Chéri with Sarah Vignon, Boddinale Stop Motion Academy, Hokus Pokus - Collage Workshop,
  • Gilberto-Bosques-Volkshochschule - Litography, Oil Painting, Studio Photography

2017 – 2019 ESDIP Berlin – Creative Courses

  • Human Anatomy Drawing Course
  • Graphic Design Complete Course
  • Watercolor and Digital Collage Workshop
  • Illustration Intensive Course

2012 – 2014 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Electrical Engineering, MSc

  • Thesis - Angiogenic Inhibition of Tumor Growth using Modern Control Methods
  • Supervisors - István Harmati, PhD, Levente Kovács, PhD, Dániel Drexler
  • Major - Control and Robotic Systems
  • Minor - Vehicle Control Systems

2008 – 2012 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Electrical Engineering, BSc


2019 El Atelier, Berlin - Photography meets Illustration

  • Anna & Anna - Collective exhibition with Anna Cano

2019 SUYT - Volotea Genova Edition

  • Palazzo Ducale Genova - Mentelocale

2018 ESDIP Student Graduation Exhibition


2019 SUYT - Duvel Winner of the Chicago Edition

2013 Scholarship in the frames of National Excellence Program

2012 Scholarship from BUTE Faculty of Electrical Engineering

2011 State Scholarship from Hungary

2011 Peregrinatio Founding’s Scholarship - Exchange at TU Vienna

2008 Lednitzky Péter Youth Founding - Excellence Award for High School Students


Published under my maiden name: Annamária Szeles

2014 Model-based Angiogenic Inhibition of Tumor Growth using Adaptive Fuzzy Techniques

  • Annamária Szeles, Dániel András Drexler, Johanna Sápi, István Harmati, Levente Kovács
  • Periodica Polytechnica: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 58:(1) pp. 29-36.

2013 Model-based Angiogenic Inhibition of Tumor Growth using Feedback Linearization

  • A Szeles, D A Drexler, J Sápi, I Harmati, Z Sápi, L Kovács
  • Proceedings of the 52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Florence, Italy: pp. 2054-2059.

2012 Comparison of Path Tracking Flat Control and Working Point Linearization Based Set Point Control of Tumor Growth with Angiogenic Inhibition

  • D A Drexler, J Sápi, A Szeles, I Harmati, L Kovács
  • Scientific Bulletin of Politechnica University of Timisoara Transactions on Automatic Control and Computer Science 57(71):(2) pp. 113-120.
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